Information about the Centre's operation and management

Opening Hours

  • 7.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday
  • MCFC is open 51 weeks in the year, on most days that Monash University is open including Labour Day, Queen’s Birthday and Cup Day.
  • We are closed on Good Friday, Easter Monday and a period between Christmas and New Year, and one Professional Staff Development Day during the year. Fees are not payable on any public holidays that the Centre is closed.


  • Monash Community Family Co-operative Ltd is a Not-For-Profit Co-operative.
  • MCFC is governed by a voluntary Committee of Management elected by parents, so there is direct input by parents in centre policies.
  • Users of MCFC must become members of the Co-op in order to access care.
  • MCFC is an ideal service for those who want a say in policies that will directly benefit their children. As members of a not-for-profit organisation parents can have confidence that all income is directed to maintaining a high quality program..
  • The Management Committee welcomes involvement from all members.

Sunsmart Policy 

  • Australia has a very high incidence of skin cancer due to exposure to the sun. Hence, during the peak period of October to April children must wear hats that protect the face, neck and ears when playing outside.
  • If children do not have a hat they will be encouraged to play in a shaded area. The centre has a number of spare broad rimmed or legionnaire type hats available for children to use, should they forget their hats.
  • Staff will apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 on children's skin according to product instructions before children go outside.
  • Staff will also set up play areas with adequate shade for all children to play in a protected area.


  • MCFC provides care and educational programs based on individual development, interests and  needs of children aged from 12 weeks to school age.
  • Our program is rated by the ACECQA as Exceeding Quality Standards. 
  • The 4-5 year Kindergartens are funded Preschool programs.
  • An extensive natural outdoor playing area complements the program.
  • MCFC supports inclusion of the children from diverse backgrounds e.g. with English as a second language, and those with additional needs/disability. We can assist parents access support services to ensure an inclusive environment for their child.

Food Provision

  • Fees include nutritious lunches and snacks prepared daily in our kitchen with a emphasis on fresh produce.
  • The weekly menu is on display in each room with feedback forms available.Educators and families provide the cook with feedback about quantities, children's likes and dislikes. Click here to see an example of a typical weekly menu.
  • Parents' comments are welcome and help to improve the quality and variety of food served to the children.
  • Food offered to the children is based on the pyramid food guide: Full cream dairy products are used.
  • No canned baby food is offered.
  • No sugar or salt is used in cooking.
  • Desserts are based on milk and fruit.
  • Alternative foods are prepared for children with individual dietary needs, e.g. infants' educational diet, allergies, vegetarian, cultural.
  • Milk, soy milk and water are the only drinks offered.
  • Meat is from a Halal Butcher.

MCFC has a number of children attending , who are at Risk of Anaphylaxis. Please make sure no food from home or elsewhere  is bought to the centre. This includes snacks left in bags and pockets. 

Please wash your hands and your child's hands on arrival and check clothing for food spills.