• Australian Childrens Education And Care Authority ACECQA is the independent national authority  whose purpose is to educate and inform the wider community about the importance of improving  outcomes in Childrens Education and Care. ACECQA resources State Regulatory Authorities and guides the implementation of the National Quality Framework, ensuring consistency in delivery. 
  • Department of Education and Training Victoria -  State Government Of Victoria Regulatory Authority. Info about Kindergarten, Child care, Maternal Child Health, Transition to School, School.
  • Starting Blocks is a ACECQA sponsored, resource to help parents answer childcare questions and better understand the benefits of quality education and care. It offers helpful tips for parents on early childhood development and what to look for to ensure their child gets a quality care and learning experience. Information sheets are available in other languages
  • Raising Children Network - the Australian Parenting website supported by the Australian Government.
  • Kidsafe Victoria - provides various safety information and resources including factsheets which are available in 9 languages.

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