Daily Fees from 28 February 2022:  
Fee  Support
Fees may reduce, depending on your family's eligibility for child care subsidies.
The subsidies that can help families with the cost of child care in approved services such as Monash Community Family Co-op are:
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS)  
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) including: Transition to Work ACCS, Temporary Financial Hardship ACCS and Grandparents ACCS.
For information, go to the assistance with child care fees webpage or call the Centrelink Family & Parents Line on 13 61 50 between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm. Monday to Friday.

CCS Applications are made through your Centrelink MyGov Account  Log in to your MyGov account here: myGov
Refer to Estimate your fees and subsidy, below, for hourly rates and care type information needed for My Gov applications.

Some of the things you need to know about CCS:
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is paid directly to the service and reduces the fee we charge you.
  • You pay a 'Gap Fee' covering the difference between our fee and the subsidy you are entitled to each fortnight. 
  • Subsidy entitlement is affected by your fortnightly hour limit.
  • Centrelink withholds 5% of your subsidy for end of financial year adjustment.
  • Once you have been assessed and approved for CCS you need to confirm enrolment for every service your child/ren attend/s. This can be found in your MyGov account under CCS/enrolments
Are you an overseas resident thinking of applying for CCS?  Go here for eligibility requirements

Estimate your fees and subsidy. 
To estimate what your Child Care Subsidy might be, go here: Fee Estimator
You may be asked :
Care Type: Long Day Care / Centre Based Day Care 
Hourly Fee -  Estimate (from 28/2/2022: 

Salary Packaging is available for Monash University Staff. Current information and the online application can be found on the Monash University HR website - login required or call 20400.  

Fee Policy
Fees are charged for permanent, usual bookings, regardless of attendance and only for days MCFC is open.
Fees are billed one week in advance and need to be paid within 7 days of issuing the account. A Late Fee of $10 per week overdue is charged if fees are outstanding at the end of each week.
If fees continue to be late for 3 weeks, without coming to a repayment plan arrangement, bookings will be cancelled.
Four weeks notice in writing is required to either change or cancel booked days.
The notice period increased from 2 weeks to 4 weeks from 26 October 2020. 
MCFC's detailed Fee Policy is available to current families from Reception or from the Parent Portal 

Other Fees

  • Late pick up of child fee: $20 for 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes.
  • Share/membership fee: $200 per family. (Increased from $100 from 26 October 2020)
  • Security fob: $20 ($15 refundable when the fob is returned).
  • Centre Activity Contribution of $50 charged twice a year per family, refundable if the parents participate in any Centre’s activities, either working bees or designated fundraising activities.
  • Other excursions or incursions: Staff will notify parents of the cost, if any.
  • Any bank charges: e.g credit/debit card charges insufficient funds, direct debit, rejection fees or identification search.
  • 1.56%  transaction fee for use of credit card direct debit.
Casual Bookings
Additional casual days may be available in daily or half-day sessions.
Casual fees:  Half Days: $ 71.50       Full days:  $143
Casual bookings can be only booked for dates less than two weeks ahead.
Notice for cancellation of additional bookings must be given no later than 5.00 pm the (working) day before.

Questions about individual fees or accounts? See Joanna at the reception or email accounts@mcfco.org.au.

All fees are set by the Committee of Management. Questions and input regarding policy are welcome by emailing committee@mcfco.org.au. Please address correspondence to The Treasurer.